Choosing Your Mala?

How to choose your perfect mala?  

Mala beads are a beautiful reminder of peace and enlightenment, they are a constant reminder of your intentions and goals. Selecting your Mala is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy some personal reflections. Try writing down your goals, struggles, dreams, and intentions to see if there’s a common thread. Often the subconscious has already started pushing you in the direction you want to be traveling, listen. There are several different ways that you can pick your special Mala beads necklace or bracelet:

  • Intention

Connecting with your Intention, that you are looking to manifest. Your intention is personal to your journal and only you can decide the goals you are working to accomplish. Abundance, love, prosperity, calm, communication. there is a real power in physically wearing your Intentions by rocking Mala beads each day. It’s makes your goals tangible at every moment. You are reminded to stay focused on your chosen path and connection with your intentions.

  • Fashion

Finally, Beauty is a key element to choosing the perfect Mala beads for you. We believe that things that you’re drawn to are integral in your healing. Whether it’s a beautiful landscape, a cute animal or a gorgeous Larimar Mala. Surrounding yourself with beautiful and uplifting is powerful.

  • Color

The colors we’re drawn to tell us a lot about inner world. It’s believed that certain colors are therapeutic and can contribute to our healing. There are so many colors in the universe and each person has different colors they are individually drawn to.

And remember, whether you choose your Mala based on intuition, intentions, or by how beautiful you find it take your time, travel within, and be true to yourself!