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Larimar and Clear Quartz Malas Beads Necklaces

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About Larimar Accessories - Larimar and Clear Quartz Malas Beads Necklaces 


  • Larimar & Clear Quartz Malas Beads Necklaces are Premium Handmade products using the highest quality natural gemstones and crystals. We make sure to use high-quality cotton for all our handmade Mala Bead necklaces and bracelets to ensure a beautiful long-lasting and authentic product.
  • Larimar Meaning – Larimar represents tranquil sea’s and energetic skies. Larimar is the stone of peace, relaxation, clarity, and communication. Larimar is used to enlighten and heal your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self.
  • Clear Quartz Meaning – Clear quartz has been used throughout history for its healing and protective properties. Clear quartz is known as the master healer as it amplifies the effects of other stones and opens your heart and mind to reach higher guidance.
  • Traditional Handmade Larimar and Clear Quartz Malas Beads Necklaces  – Our malas bead necklaces are made from 108 8mm natural gemstones that are hand knotted between each bead and a silk tassel. The tassel represents the lotus flower which represents purity and your mind's ability to help transcend human desires to attain enlightenment.
  • Customer Satisfaction for Larimar and Clear Quartz Malas Beads Necklaces - We believe that a broken malas symbolizes the end of a cycle. This is an opportunity to send your love, energy, and attention in a new direction. This is a great way to set intentions in your life. If you feel your Mala broke before your intentions were met, we will fix your Mala.
  • What’s Included with Larimar and Clear Quartz Malas Beads Necklaces  – You will get a gorgeous Larimar holding box accompanied with a velvet  bag to hold, protect and keep your 100% handmade Mala Beads Necklace clean and safe. Each necklace has 108 gemstones, 1 925 Sterling Silver guru bead, and a silk tassel.